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cordes sur bois

year: 1997, 2001

ensemble: violin solo

duration: 12'

first performance: 27/5/1997 by jeffery lee, stockholm

publisher : swedish music information center

this extremely difficult solo was written for jeffery lee for the festival "rum i rummet" (a room in the room) 1997. it is my first piece in the computer assisted composition field. in order to realize my ideas i made a Patch-Work Library, jsm-gesture, that transforms musical lines.

the piece's material is taken from an analys of the sounds of a wooden floor. the piece is built upon celles that has been processed and put together in different patterns. the result is a chain of events there every link has changed every time it reappears. the tranformations could be seen as bendings and twistings of these cells that should never loose their identity. in that way you can work with musical memory and have the listener to orient her self and to follow the musical thread.

the piece is made upon the same material as "morfe technes", that is motifs extracted from sounds of a wooden floor. in "Strings..." i used only three of the eight original motifs. the transformations of the motifs in "cordes..." is very different from these in "morfe..." there i was concentrating a lot on the timbre work. in "cordes.." there is not as much color ressources to access and the transformations went instead towards the mouvment development of the motifs.

cordes sur bois has been recorded on cd: palcd 986 on palette records

see the score section for the score.

here is the documentation of the project that led to the making of the patch-work library (in swedish):
jsm-gesture.doc (32K)

i also found my notes from a radio program about computer assisted composition with "Strings..." as example (in swedish): "cordes" and c.a.c.doc (44K)

here is the patch-work library. It is also possible to use it direct in lisp.
jsm-gesture.tar.gz (16K)

you can also find other projects within the same artist developping work association at: ku