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year: 1999-2000

ensemble: 2221 4221 3perc, hrp (ampl.), guit (ampl.), pno, strings (16,8,8,6)

duration: 17'

first performance: 16/5/2000 by the swedish radio symphony orchestra, conductor: andreas hansson, stockholm

publisher : swedish music information center

"orchestre" is a piece for orchestra with no trumpets, but with amplified harp and guitar to have another ground color of the orchestra.

orchestra 1.mp3 (416k)
orchestra 2.mp3 (624k)
orchestra 3.mp3 (760k)
orchestra 4.mp3 (552k)
orchestra 5.mp3 (608k)
orchestra 6.mp3 (800k)

see the score section for the score.