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morfe technes

year: 1994-1996

ensemble: 2 channel tape

duration: 11'

first performance: 19/5/1995 (1st version), stockholm

publisher : swedish music information center

the title means "form of art". using the greek word techne for art the phrase could mean "form of technique", or "technical form". however, the overall form, deducted from one of the head samples for the piece could be seen as very "natural". this piece has strong references to the french spectral school that care about the inner and outer form and the will to go "into" the sound in trying to imitate the nature as much as possible. my piece is though a huge variation of this small sound. or perhaps rather an artificial composed version of it.

morfe 1.mp3 (204k)
morfe 2.mp3 (240k)
morfe 3.mp3 (340k)
morfe 4.mp3 (1.4M)
morfe 5.mp3 (472k)
morfe 6.mp3 (68k)

for the macintosh nerds i did a macintosh system soundset from the samples of morfe technes:
jsm soundset (MacOS 9.x) (336 Kb)