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pour un(e) flūtiste ą bec et neuf musiciens

year: 2004-2005

commissioned by: concerts sweden

ensemble: tenor recorder soloist, fl, bcl, trp, vibr, guit, pno, vla, vlc, cb

duration: 18' 30''

first performance:Kerstin Frödin and ars nova during the borderline festival in malmö 26/4 - 2005

publisher : swedish music information center

this piece is written for the very gifted recorder player kerstin frödin and the ensemble ars nova in malmö. it is the second piece in a project started 2003 where I am going towards a somewhat harder formalized style where i take away all harmony content to work only with sounds and lines.

see the listen section for a recording.

see the score section for the score.