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my eyes hurts so

year: 1992

ensemble: saxophone quartet

duration: 14'

first performance: 22/9/1994 by the stockholm saxophone quartet, stavanger, norway

publisher : swedish music information center

a game between green and blue water with faces under the surface.
"my eyes hurts so" was written the summer and autumn 1992 to the stockholm saxophone quartet.
the piece is inspired by licks & brains I for saxophone quartet by the swedish composer klas torstensson, as well as the outliving way to play music by the stockholm saxophone quartet.
i would not say that the piece describes any particulary reality, as it is impossible to precise what music really means. technically i have worked with four different materials that could symbolise different levels.
stockholm 1994.

my eyes hurts so 1.mp3 (952k)
my eyes hurts so 2.mp3 (512k)
my eyes hurts so 3.mp3 (304k)
my eyes hurts so 4.mp3 (528k)
my eyes hurts so 5.mp3 (1M)

see the score section for the score.