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the daylight is a white falcon

year: 1993-1994

ensemble: 222- -111 3fem. voices, strings

duration: 37'

text: bruno k öijer

first performance: 23/4/1995 by ensemble nau, conductor: hans ek, stockholm

publisher : swedish music information center

at the time i used a six notes modus in my compositional work. it turned out that this modus could be organized into triads. when yhe opportunity to compose this piece over the poeme "snart rullar vi hem från festen" of bruno k öijer showed up, i couldn't resist from using it that way.
though i am not a big fan of the retro movement in western art music i did this piece that clearly connotate that field. i see the piece as a sort of problematation of pierre boulez' "material consequence".

the daylight... 1.mp3 (308k)
the daylight... 2.mp3 (392k)
the daylight... 3.mp3 (368k)
the daylight... 4.mp3 (764k)
the daylight... 5.mp3 (796k)
the daylight... 6.mp3 (204k)
the daylight... 7.mp3 (504k)
the daylight... 8.mp3 (364k)

see the score section for the score.